A wise man once said, “snacks make the world go ‘round.” That man is me—right this second.

Here’s another BuzzFeed video about high people trying 90s snacks. I know what you’re thinking “another video of high people eating, coooooool.” Nope. That’s not what we’re here to discuss. We’re here to discuss how they left off some of the greatest 90s snacks and gave their “contestants” the JV snacks to eat. Where the hell are the Lunchables? Where are the Bagel Bites? WHERE ARE THE FRANKENBERRIES?! NO QUARTER WATERS?!

Hankering for a munchie? Find infused snacks at dispensaries nearby.

Yes, Gushers are an all-time great stoner snack. In fact, I went to the grocery store a few weeks ago and got a box of Gushers that I ate entirely in one night. But Surge? Come on, dog. Drinks are not snacks. I’m usually rocking the whole way with BuzzFeed’s stoner videos, but this one … this one is just wrong.

Check it out and let us know which 90s snacks were your favorites.