With the market for products with containing cannabidiol, or CBD, growing by leaps and bounds, industrial hemp farms around the world are working overtime to cultivate cannabis plants without intoxicating ingredients. While industrial hemp is cultivated for the oils it can yield in many parts of the world, pending legislation promises to make it easier for farmers across the United States to get into cannabis cultivation with a focus on CBD—one of the non-intoxicating cannabinoids found in cannabis.


McConnell: Farm Bill Would Legalize Hemp in US

To learn more, we visited a US hemp farm that’s already thriving—Veritas Farms in beautiful Pueblo, Colorado—to get a first-hand look at how these farms are transforming an industry. While adult-use cannabis of all stripes is legal in Colorado, the cannabis grown at Veritas Farms contains almost no intoxicating THC.

In the video above, Veritas Farms’ Rianna Meyer discusses how their team develops full-spectrum CBD products from seed to store shelves, and why they feel that keeping production local is key to earning the trust of consumers in this rapidly growing industry.