With every year that passes by, more cannabis shops turn their signs to read “Open,” even in the waning wake of prohibition. Progress never smelled so sweet, especially on 4/20 when our collective plume of smoke billows into the air like one massive flag of celebration.

Yes, 4/20 is here, and it’s time to bust out the music, food, and whatever form of cannabis you love most.


The Best 4/20 Events in Major Cannabis Markets

But 4/20 doesn’t just entail public displays of affection toward this wonderful plant. It’s also a day where dispensaries give back to their customers by offering some sweet deals on cannabis products of all kinds.

This year, Leafly is shining a light on a few select bargains in each market, along with some strain and product recommendations for the particularly indecisive customer. After all, what fun is 4/20 if you’ve broken your bank just getting the bare necessities? (…Still fun, we know.)

While the deals in this year’s 4/20 Buyer’s Guide are certainly worth the visit, there are plenty more bargains to browse. Head to our dispensary locator and visit the Leafly pages of your favorite shops to find out what additional deals, strains, and products you should scoop up before the week is done.

Remember, you have a whole weekend to be stocking up for! Happy 4/20!