In the old days, you just had to grow bud to sell it. Then you had to grow good bud. Now—you have to grow clean, good bud.

The California cannabis industry had a hard reset July 1, when testing regulations wiped everything but the cleanest, most pure and consistent products from the state’s retail shelves.

It’s going to be months for most brands to clean up their act, get it packaged correctly and get in line for testing on the way back to retail store. Still, some brands planned ahead and were ready on Day 1 with tested, compliant product.

Here is the list of brands surviving the California #weedapocalypse of 2018, according to our best sources. Call ahead to your local retailer to ensure your brand is in stock. This list will expand as we hear more.

Compliant Cannabis Flower Brands

Mmm, Gelato.

  • Sherbinskis
  • Garrison Lane
  • IC Collective
  • 3 Bros Grow
  • Cali Cans
  • Korova
  • ButterBrand
  • FlowKana
  • UpNorth
  • Northern Emeralds
  • Gold Seal
  • True Humboldt
  • Cannacruz
  • Jaydens Juice
  • Floracal
  • Humboldt Native FarmsHumboldt Sungrowers Guild
  • Cannatique
  • Canndescent
  • Lemon Tree
  • Lit House
  • Cali Cans
  • Autumn
  • Occidental Hills
  • Connected Cannabis Co.
  • Dolja & Ganga
  • West Coast Sunrise

Compliant Cannabis Extract Brands

Select vape carts can be found across California post-July 1. (Courtesy of Elite)

  • Nasha Extracts
  • Gold Drop
  • Legion of Bloom
  • dosist
  • dompen
  • Select Pax Era Pods
  • 710 Labs
  • Artisan
  • Chemistry
  • Bloom Farms Pax Era
  • 710 King Pens
  • Absolute Extracts
  • Beezle Extracts
  • Brite Labs (both pods and cartridges)
  • Care By Design
  • Chill
  • Dabbalicious
  • Disposable Vape by GoldDrop
  • Guild
  • Island – PAX
  • James Henry Vapor Cartridges
  • Level
  • Moxie Extracts
  • NUG
  • Peak Oil
  • Space Gems

Compliant Cannabis Edibles Brands

  • Big Pete’s Treats
  • Kikoko
  • Dr. Norm’s
  • PLUS Gummies
  • Sunsetconnect and ingestibles Spirulinex
  • Kaneh Co
  • Kiva
  • Satori
  • Bhang
  • District Edibles
  • Fiddlers Green
  • Kin Slips
  • Kind Medicine
  • Venice Cookie Company

Compliant Cannabis Topicals Brands

Intimate topical maker Foria is surviving lab scrutiny for purity. (Courtesy of Foria)Intimate topical maker Foria is surviving lab scrutiny for purity. (Courtesy of Foria)

  • Om Body
  • Foria
  • Papa & Barkley

Distributors Carrying Compliant Product

  • 12/12 Distribution
  • The Cohong
  • CWG Botanicals
  • Rise Distribution


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