The Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 7/10 is here to help you take full of the very best deals near you. Find holiday bargains alongside each shop’s top recommended concentrates to make this year’s 7/10 one to remember. (All deals while supplies last.)

The East Coast is joining the 7/10 party and bringing with it tons of great deals on extracts, vape cartridges, and much more! Find out which discounts you should be chasing down this 7/10, and consider taking one of these budtender product recommendations if you’re looking to try something new.

697 Washington St.

(Courtesy of Garden Remedies)

7/10 Sale:

  • 20% off rosin
  • 20% off terpene-rich extract
  • 50% off kief

The Budtenders Recommend: AJ Sour Diesel rosin and Citrique & Rainmaker produced by Garden Remedies

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67 Broadway

Black Mamba Distillate Oil Syringe (Courtesy of Revolutionary Clinics)

7/10 Sale:

  • Purchase a 3-pack flight of our half-gram distillate oil syringes for only $100 ($35 savings; one per customer while supplies last); strains include Stardawg, Black Mamba, and GG4

The Budtenders Recommend: Black Mamba distillate oil syringe by Revolutionary Clinics

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(Courtesy of Mayflower Medicinals)

7/10 Sale:

  • Buy 1g of concentrate and receive a free dab tool
  • $71 distillate syringes (reg. $100)
  • 15% off all vape cartridges

The Budtenders Recommend: Mayflower Medicinals Strawberry Cough distillate cartridge

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1114 Cathedral St.

(Courtesy of ReLeaf)

7/10 Sale:

  • 25% off all concentrates

The Budtenders Recommend: Verano G6 “Jet Fuel” Raw Wax

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2001 Chapman Ave.

(Courtesy of Peake ReLeaf)

7/10 Sale:

  • All Temescal half-grams of shatter and wax are $40
  • All AFS shatter grams are $70
  • All Prime Extracts shatter grams are $70
  • 20% off all glass and “Happy Hour” pre-rolls from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. (buy four 1g pre-rolls for $50; buy 6 for $60; buy 5 half-gram pre-rolls for $35 or 10 for $60)
  • Featured flower: Curio’s Golden Strawberry – $15 grams, $45 1/eighths, $85 quarters, $160 halves, and $310 ounces

The Budtenders Recommend: Sour Diesel wax ½ grams from Prime Extracts ($45)

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Remedy — Columbia, MD

6656 Dobbin Rd.

(Courtesy of Remedy)

7/10 Sale:

  • $40 grams of shatter
  • Free concentrate travel pen with every purchase of shatter
  • Raffle for a Dr. Dabber Switch and Puffco Peak everyday from 7/4 to 7/10

The Budtenders Recommend: Shatter by AFS and Live Resin by Liberty

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