Anthony Bourdain believed the joint was cannabis’s perfect delivery method. He liked his with two papers and no filter, “like a Lucky Strike.”

The reality of Bourdain’s death has a huge universe to ripple through. From world leaders to previously unknown / unseen people of remote cultures and all of us in between, his candor and conversation brought millions of us together over food and drink. But with all the things we got to learn as voyeurs to his travels, today, once again, we are reminded of this:

People who need help sometimes look just like people who don’t need help. 

If you’re depressed, feeling down, please talk to someone. Talking helps, treatment and intervention work.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is always ready to hear from you. 24/7.


You can also reach them by online chat.

We hope you’ve found your peace, Chef. We’ll be rolling ’em just the way you like them today.