Looking for a legal, licensed, and open non-medical cannabis store on Oct. 17, Canada’s Legalization Day? We’re here to help.

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Legal Cannabis in British Columbia: What You Should Know

The good news: BC boasts the deepest, richest, and most knowledgable cannabis culture in Canada. More than 100 private store applications are under review, and by mid-2019 the industry here is going to be booming. The province is creating an industry with a mix of privately-owned stores and government-owned stores, in addition to an online ordering site.

The bad news: It’s going to be mid-2019 before things really get moving. Provincial authorities are expecting only one BC Cannabis Store to be open on Oct. 17, in the Columbia Place Shopping Centre in Kamloops.

For a full FAQ about where you can find, purchase, and enjoy cannabis in BC, check out Leafly’s guide to legal BC bud.

Recreational Cannabis Stores in British Columbia

City Name Address Open Oct. 17?
Kamloops BC Cannabis Stores 200-1210 Summit Dr., in the Columbia Place Shopping Centre next to Save-On Foods. Yes

Meanwhile, there are more than 20 cannabis stores with applications still in process in the City of Vancouver alone. We found them and listed them below.

Vancouver Cannabis Stores: Coming Soon

City Name Address
Vancouver The Wealthshop Social Society 4545 W 10th Ave, #104
Vancouver Point Grey Cannabis 3357 W 4th Ave
Vancouver Chronic Hub Social Club 3133 West Broadway
Vancouver Evergreen Cannabis Society 2868 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver Jessika Villano dba Buddha Barn Medicinal Society 2179 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver Lotusland Cannabis Society 1952 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver Apollo Medical 1712 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver The Village Wellness Society 1540 W 2nd Ave.
Vancouver The Green Rhino 2231 Granville St
Vancouver The Green Rhino 2570 Granville St
Vancouver The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary 1182 Thurlow
Vancouver S.W.E.D. Dispensary 1429 Robson St.
Vancouver Lotusland Fairview Cannabis Society 1110 W. Broadway
Vancouver Pacific Education Apparel Society 725 Nelson St.
Vancouver Krystian Wetulani dba Vancity Weed Dispensary 610 Robson St.
Vancouver Remedy Wellness Society 1078 Mainland St.
Vancouver Roya Khosravi dba WestCanna 700 W. Broadway
Vancouver West Coast Medicann Society 3178 Cambie St.
Vancouver Red-Med 231 Abbott St.
Vancouver Sunrise Wellness Foundation 258 W. Broadway
Vancouver Hesam Ghaemi-Zadeh, Seyed Ahmad Naimi & Aneal Galbaransingh dba Farm Dispensary` 369 Columbia St.
Vancouver Real Compassion Society 151 E Hastings St.
Vancouver THCC The Herb Co Canada Society Mount Pleasant 1193 Main St.
Vancouver The Grateful Med Society 211 E 16th Ave.
Vancouver Andrew Cappellano dba Eggs Canna 208 E 16th Ave.
Vancouver BC Compassion Club Society 2991 Commercial Dr
Vancouver Evo Medi Society 1666 Graveley St.
Vancouver Urban Earth Medical Society 1605 Renfrew St.
Vancouver The Herb Co. 1775 Nanaimo St.
Vancouver Vancouver Pain Management Society 2137 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver Karuna Health Foundation 4510 Victoria Dr.
Vancouver Budzilla Dispensary Clinic Coop 2267 Kingsway
Vancouver The Herb Co. Kensington 5055 Victoria Dr.
Vancouver Sunrise Wellness Kingsway Foundation A – 2943 Kingsway
Vancouver The Stressed and Depressed Association 1353 E 41st Ave.
Vancouver VanCity Weed Dispenary Inc. 7291 Fraser St.
Vancouver Sea to Sky Alternative Healing Society 6636 Fraser St.
Vancouver The Herb Co. 6415 Fraser St.
Vancouver Air Reserve Collection 1319 SE Marine Dr.
Vancouver Shaylen Smith dba Green Valley Medicinal 699 E 65th Ave.
Vancouver Aaron Sinnathamby, Ngoc Quyet Dinh, Duc Joe Le, Andrew Chow, Michael Paraskake & Thai Son Dang dba MMJ Canada Sunset 225 SE Marine Dr.
Vancouver The Healing Center on Main (2015) Foundation 6416 Main St.
Vancouver Canna-Place 5890 Cambie St.
Vancouver Green Cross Society of BC 4296 Main St.
Vancouver Scooter Health Society dba Eden 3441 Kingsway
Vancouver Erbachay Health Center 8425 Granville St.
Vancouver Samuel Petrov dba Aura Health Studio 1316 Kingsway
Vancouver THCC The Herb Co Canada Society Kingsway 779 Kingsway
Vancouver Mount Pleasant Medicinals 45 W. Broadway