Should you get a PAX Era vaporizer or the G Pen Gio from Grenco Science? I used each of these vapes regularly over the summer, and if you’re wondering which one comes out on top, a better question you should be asking yourself is, “Which one is right for me?”

The difference between these proprietary, design-forward, same-priced (~$30) vapes feels charmingly aligned to the California cities from where each one hails. The PAX Era, born in San Francisco, is a high-tech, high-achiever, with a slick, featherweight, USB-shaped design, proprietary “pod” cartridges, and Bluetooth capabilities for temperature and session control. Solving pain points with technology? How very SF.

The G Pen “Gio,” by the good people at Grenco Science, was born in Los Angeles, has an ergonomic hourglass shape much appreciated by my thumb and forefinger grip, offers a satisfying heft in contrast to Era’s light battery, and produces a lush, showy vapor cloud. It’s got a curvy, sultry, flashy LA vibe.


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In every state where they’re available, both PAX and Grenco Science work with quality producers to ensure you’re getting damn fine oil for their respective proprietary systems. Here in Washington state, I keep Heylo in my Era and Oleum Labs in the Gio. (Find a full list of partners in each state at the bottom of this article.)


(Courtesy of Pax Era)

The Era is built for customization and control. There’s a temperature slider on the app that goes from mid-400 degrees Fahrenheit to high-700s, giving you big terpene flavor at the low end, and a plush vapor cloud at higher temps. “Session control” lets you pick a hit size from microdose to large, and it dispenses that amount every time you puff until you either change the setting or remove the pod.

Benefits of the PAX Era:

  • It hits however you’d like
  • Dosing is easy, offering a safe, predictable session every time you use it
  • You don’t have to mess with your Era’s settings to use it (maybe you’ll never connect it to Bluetooth, and that’s okay)

Bottom Line: If control and specificity are important to you as a consumer, the Pax ERA is an unparalleled choice.


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Grenco Science G Pen Gio

(Courtesy of Grenco)

The Gio is a seamless, breath-activated experience—you just pick it up and puff. The optimal-temp science keeps terpenes intact so you get beautifully clear flavor notes, and a voluminous vapor cloud, every time. (I can confirm I hit the ever-loving shit out of my Gio and the cartridge seemingly never ran out.)

Benefits of the Gio:

  • The science behind it calibrates heating to optimal temp, with an advanced wicking system to regulate oil use
  • It offers a rich, velvety-smooth hit
  • Gio’s design makes the curves and weight feel good in your hand

Bottom Line: If you enjoy the heightened sensorial experience of a gorgeously smooth inhale and a plush vapor exhale, the Gio is a beautiful pick.

(Pro-tip: If there’s a sticker on your cart, consider peeling it off before you insert it into the Gio. I know that goes against the purpose of the label, but otherwise the cart can get sticky if the label is intact.)


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List of Partners for PAX Era and G Pen Gio

Looking to replenish your preferred vaporizer? The below partners have cartridges compatible with the Era and Gio:

PAX Era Pod:

  • Arizona: Drip Extracts
  • California: Bloom Farms, Blue River, Brite Labs, Eden Extracts, Gold Drop, Guild Extracts, HappySticks, Jetty Extracts, Island Extracts, Legion of Bloom, Level Blends, NATIV, Temple, Select
  • Colorado: The Lab, Harmony, Mary’s Medicinals, Viola, Denver Kush Club, Native Roots, Silverpeak
  • Illinois: Rhythm (GTI)
  • Maryland: Liberty (Holistic Industries)
  • Massachusetts: In Good Health
  • Nevada: Matrix
  • Oregon: Oregrown
  • Washington: Avitas, Dabstract, Heylo, Leaf Werx


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Grenco Science G Pen Gio*:

  • California: Cookies, State Wellness, Herbology, Caliva
  • Colorado: Evolab
  • Florida: MÜV
  • Illinois: Cresco Labs
  • Maryland: Culta
  • Nevada: Body and Mind, Deep
  • Oregon: Pistil Point, TJ’s Gardens
  • Washington: Oleum Labs

*Grenco Science is developing partnerships in Arizona, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Canada