Life moves pretty fast. One minute you’re hot-knifing CO2 hash in a Cozumel hotel bathroom, hoping to sip some sweet, potent vapor from an upside down glass.

Nowadays, portable electronic hash bubblers go for $400. You can dab on a wakeboard. The glassware attachments alone fetch thousands of dollars.

What? Yes.

This Saturday in Los Angeles, hash pipe leaders Puffco throw the Puffco Art Show, where you can buy one-of-a-kind glass attachments for their smash-hit, battery-powered dab rig — the Peak.

The PuffCo Peak debuted in early 2018, reinventing the ancient practice of puffing concentrated cannabis. No more open flame torches or sketchy skillets — you just clicked the Peak on, dropped some high-grade extract in, waited 20 seconds and ripped. The light, sweet vapor gets you stratospherically stoned — making it a must-have gadget for the dab set; even more so because it’s customizable.

The Peak base fits to a detachable glass bubbler, one of which comes standard with every Peak. But any piper can make glass for the Peak, so long as it fits the base. Behold, a brand new canvas for glass artists worldwide.

By Josh Ford @thisisjoshford. (Courtesy of Puffco)

The Art Show Saturday follows a global contest this spring with a $5,000 first prize for the most popular piece of custom Peak glass. The finalists proved astounding, conjuring: heady, interlacing colorful patterns; Tron-like glow-in-the-dark circuitboards; impossible aquatic blue and red bubbles; futuristic, sci-fi glassine egg seemingly roiling with red silicate; the immortal Death holding an ooze-green scythe.

Presented below are some of the finalists from the PuffCo Glass Open of 2018. Find similar stuff on sale Saturday in Los Angeles.

By Bob The Glass Blower @btgb (Courtesy of Puffco)
By Ryan Fitt @ryanfitt (Courtesy of Puffco)
By Pippen R Pippenger @pippen_pippenger (Courtesy of Puffco)
By Devol Oner @devolglass (Courtesy of Puffco)
Ryan Fitt (Courtesy of Puffco)