As the largest yet most sparsely populated state, Alaska is an intensely unique place to settle down. For those who love nature, the sweeping wilderness, diverse terrain, and bountiful wildlife, Alaska will delight and inspire.

It is an equally great choice for people who love winter climates and who want to escape from overpopulated metropolitan communities. In fact, Alaska’s population has been declining over the last few years, with more people moving out than moving in.

Alaska is truly a world unto its own, and the cannabis scene is no different.


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Cannabis is legal across the state, but accessibility will vary. In Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, there are pot shops aplenty. However, those who settle down in more rural towns will not have convenient access to dispensaries. However, if you do find yourself living near a dispensary, or are considering a home closer to the city, you’ll be happy to find that cannabis prices have been steadily declining since the state first opened its retail stores due to a surplus of growers.

Residents 21+ are also permitted to grow, and it’s legal to have up to 12 plants per household. Of course, be prepared to grow indoors (and pay the costs of doing so) since Alaska’s climate makes growing outdoors impossible for most of the year.

Overall, Alaska may be the most adventurous choice for those seeking to relocate to a legal cannabis state. The remarkable beauty, untouched landscapes, and passionate cannabis community make it a worthwhile consideration for those who love to live outside of the hustle and bustle of average life.

Lead image by Betty4240/iStock