You may have noticed a new trend in concentrates as you view the options available at your local dispensary: diamonds.

These crystalline formations of isolated THCA (or CBDA) are the latest product craze to shake up the concentrate world. On top of being extremely potent, THCA diamonds are visually stunning and to see them form is truly enthralling.

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Commonly isolated from live resin extracts, these faceted formations can command top dollar. They often come soaked in a bath of native, strain-specific terpenes which makes serving up your own ratios of flavor and potency simple and enjoyable.

To get a sneak peek at how these diamonds form, I reached out to my friend Joshua Zeise, lead extractor at DabX in Oak Harbor, Washington. He invited me up to show off all the diamonds he’s been mining in their lab, so I tapped photographer Julia Sumpter to help me capture the beauty of these THCA diamonds as they form.

After a quick, scenic drive, we arrived in the small harbor town on Whidbey Island that hosts the DabX and Bad Ass Grass facility. Once inside, Josh showed us all the exciting creations he’s been producing. Take a peek for yourself!

Formations of THCA ‘diamonds’ stacking and covering the entire base of a jar. (Julia Sumpter for Leafly)
A large faceted formation standouts amongst a field of THCA crystals. These diamonds were formed from a Grease Monkey extraction. (Julia Sumpter for Leafly)

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Small grains of THCA sit suspended in a live resin extract. (Julia Sumpter for Leafly)