There are currently ten* places in the United States where recreational cannabis is legal. Cannabis enthusiasts who live in these legal locations enjoy the peace of mind that springs from the understanding that when they enjoy a bit of herb, they’re doing so doing so free from persecution.


Where Is Cannabis Legal?

If you’ve ever considered moving to such a carefree place, you may have mused, “which recreational, legal cannabis state should I move to?”

The decision isn’t so simple, each location is unique and has its own special perks. Of course, much of the factors in a big move is subjective—what is a pro to some may be considered a con to others.

Live where cannabis is legal? Find the best strains nearby.

In this series, we’ll explore the characteristics of each state to help you choose your new legal cannabis home for the better.

*Note: Washington DC is not included in this state guide. 

Lead image by Grav/Unsplash