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Plenty of folks use cannabis at the end of a long day at work to manage their stress levels, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep. But since you can’t take cannabis to with you to a shift, how are you supposed to keep that stress at bay during the work day?

Well, here at Smoke Cartel headquarters in Savannah, GA, we keep things light with the help of our employee’s canine pals. Dogs are always welcome in the Smoke Cartel offices, and not just because studies suggest it helps to combat stress among employees.

At Smoke Cartel, we even put these pooches to work sometimes—for instance, modeling our new HeadyPet line of cannabis-themed canine couture, including leashes, harnesses, toys, and more. (Don’t worry, in accordance with canine labor laws, all models were adequately compensated with treats and cuddles.)

Here, our models highlight why it’s a good idea to make your office dog-friendly, as well some of our favorite ways to get your pet dressed up for the workday, no matter what business you’re in.

Dog wearing bow tieLucy modeling a HeadyPet bow tie. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

You can plan dapper outfits together, including matching ties for when you’re feeling formal. Lucy here is sporting a HeadyPet bow tie in signature Money print, and won’t say a word about your clip-on.

Husky in harnessNola modeling a HeadyPet harness and leash. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

When Nola here goes to work with her owner, there’s no sad faces in the morning and no tipped over garbage cans waiting at the end of the day. Good thing, too, as it would be a shame to stain her harness, leash, and collar from the Shatter line.

Dog in harness and seatbelt tetherDuchess looking sharp—and safe—in a harness and seatbelt tether. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

Dogs like Duchess here make for great company on your morning commute, and they’ll never ask you to change the radio station. You can keep your friend safe in the car with HeadyPet harnesses and seatbelt tethers, seen here in Leafy Chevron.

Dog on Heady Pet LeashTed tugs on a leash from HeadyPet. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

Who needs office trivia when you’ve got built-in bonding opportunities like playing fetch? Ted here is ready to get off his leash and facilitate some team-building already!

dog in cannabis-themed harnessMega stands at attention in a Shatter-themed harness from HeadyPet. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

Having a pal like Mega in the office makes coffee breaks way more fun, and his Shatter-themed harness is a great reminder of the kind of human treats you’ve got waiting at home once you clock out!

dog in harnessTitan sports a HeadyPet harness. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

How often do you totally forget to leave the office in the course of a day? Even if you’re getting delivery for lunch, having a co-worker like Titan (modeling a harness in Leafy Argyle print) will make sure you get outside for a stroll in the fresh air every day!

dog with cannabis-themed chew toyPiglet won’t give up her HeadyPet chew toy. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

Even when you’re in the cannabis industry, it can be easy to take work too seriously sometimes. A pal like Piglet can help remind you when it’s time to add some play to your day and give the HeadyPet Twax Dog Toy a tug.

dog wearing cannabis-themed harness and leashZoey looks like a very good girl in her HeadyPet harness. (Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

The best part of bringing your dog to work? You don’t have to wait until 5 o’clock to see a face like Zoey, who’s ready to join you for happy hour, a toke on the porch, or whatever else you’ve got planned after work in her Wig Wag harness.