Summer extinguished itself in a salty mix of sunscreen, ocean spray and tears over the weekend. It was a good run. Now, what’s next? Well, infused cold brew coffee, delicious Lime Haze, and new cartoons from the creator of The Simpsons are coming in hot. Here’s what you need to try out Aug. 13-19. We call it — ‘Hit This’.

Shopping List

Sativa to Watch — Lime Haze. Energy and the citrus taste of lime set off this Haze varietal, spotted at Kind Love in Denver, but popular from Canada to Las Vegas.

Productivity Hack — Dial in your cannabis’ effects by mastering their terpene profiles.

Productive Product — The Level+ Coava Cold Brew with five milligrams of THC. Part of our Cool Edibles package.

Motivation Quote

Gimme my check /
put some respect on my check /
Or pay me in equity, pay me in equity /
Watch me reverse out the debt

The Carters — APES**T

Weekend In Brief

A former chewing gum CEO, William Wrigley Jr. has raised $100 million to  enter the cannabis space. . . . Seattle topped the ten priciest legal cannabis markets. . . . And 30 New Jersey cities have banned cannabis before it can even be legalized.

To Do List

News — Wednesday: California cannabis rapper B-Real opens his own “Dr. Greenthumb” cannabis shop in Sylmar, CA.

TVFriday: “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening premieres his new animated series “Disenchantment” on Netflix.

Film — Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg team up once again for the espionage action thriller, “Mile 22”; the Hulu original documentary “Minding the Gap” won a Sundance award for its look into three boys escaping family strife through skateboarding.

Music — Psychedelic indie rockers Animal Collective take inspiration from the seas in the album and film, Tangerine Reef; Death Cab for Cutie releases Thank You For Today after a three year respite; garage rockers Thee Oh Sees return with their whopping 21st album, Smote Reverser; Nicki Minaj takes the throne with the long-anticipated Queen.

Sports — Football fans gear up for a new hope as the NFL preseason rolls into Week 2; the World Cup hangover is officially gone as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 and Italian Serie A return to kick off the 2018-19 season.

Fashion — The legal dispensary franchise MedMen launches its culture magazine, Ember; the street style giant Stüssy launches its Fall ‘18 collection online and at chapter stores Aug. 17; the fashion boutique Kith previews its third collaboration with Coca-Cola; Pharrell Williams releases the new Solar Pack of his signature Adidas NMD sneakers on Aug. 18.

Gaming — Telltale Games releases the final season of “The Walking Dead” episodic series Aug. 13; Critics and fans alike are fawning over the new gameplay trailer for Rockstar Games’ epic Western, “Red Dead Redemption 2”.

Events — Future, Rae Sremmurd, and Halsey headline the Billboard Hot 100 Festival in Long Island, NY Aug. 18-19; meanwhile out west, Psycho Las Vegas goes ballistic with hard rockers Danzig, High on Fire, and Dimmu Borgir Aug. 17-19.

Cannabis Farmer’s Almanac —Begin to supplement flowering nutrients as needed. Kill pests and apply remediations. Update harvest plans. If working indoors, considering topping plants to increase yield.

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@re-stash — Recycled, re-usable, customizable, air-tight, child-proof, insulated covers for the humble mason jar. Shout out to Re-Stash!

Stay safe out there this week. – O.P.

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