Pet Hemp Treats

It’s been said that happiness is only real when shared, and it seems especially real when we share it with mankind’s best friend. Dogs are excellent companions, and some people share everything with their pets: long walks, their beds, and even the occasional bite of “people food.” Now you can share an experience of CBD with your loyal friend, too. While we don’t recommend administering your own cannabidiol to dogs, we do provide a full line of CBD dog treats.

Dogs have endocannabinoid systems, too, and many people give their dogs CBD for the same reasons they take it themselves. Our treats are designed with every dog from French Bulldogs to German Shepherds in mind. Each one of our packages comes with information about tailoring the serving size to the weight of your dog.

Types of CBD Dog Treats

As dog lovers, we’ve had enough four-legged friends to know they all have different tastes, just like we do. That’s why we make a wide variety of CBD edibles for dogs. Unlike people, dogs don’t understand what they have to gain from CBD– all they know is how much they like the taste of their new treats. We have too much experience with the canine community to try feeding them that tastes like medicine, so we hide CBD isolate in five different flavors of treats that will have an old dog doing new tricks.

1 – Bone Treats

Milk bones are a popular dog treat for good reason– the pooches love them. They’ll enjoy ours too, thanks to the combination of natural, pet-friendly ingredients that mask the taste of CBD. The savory flavor from beef and bone meal, poultry meal, and chicken fat will have your dog begging for his or her next serving of cannabidiol.

2 – Beef Wraps

We’ve all met a dog that will do just about anything for a piece of cheese, and we upped the ante with these treats. Cheese product is wrapped in ingredients including chicken fat and natural smoke flavoring, forming something that has a special allure for our furry friends. Shake the container and watch exciting puppy energy pour out of your aging companion.

3 – Turkey Jerky

Hemp isn’t the only green in these turkey jerky CBD dog treats. Drool-inducing animal protein is held together with pea flour plus assorted fruits and vegetables. We can’t say for sure that the addition of some extra greens makes dogs feel better, but some of our customers sure seem convinced.

4 – Chicken Balls

Chicken, wheat flour, chicken meal, and rice flour top the ingredients list for these poultry-flavored balls of joy. If your dog likes chicken, your dog will like these. As an added benefit, you might not have to worry about Fido eyeballing your wings anymore.

5 – Steak Bites

Treat your dog with some beef gelatin and natural steak flavor in the form of fun, steak-shaped treats. We may have been watching a lot of grilling shows when we came up with this idea because we went all out and finished them with some rosemary extract for a five-star flair.

Where to buy CBD Dog Treats Online?

We’re people first, and dog people as a close second. At CBD Brands Depot, we bring the same enthusiasm, attention to detail, and commitment to quality to our pet CBD treats for dogs and cats that we put into every other product we make. Your dog may not be able to type a positive review alongside our other delighted customers, but you’ll see it in the eyes. Dogs bring us joy, so we hope you’ll let us bring joy to yours.