Carving apple pipes is a rite of passage for cannabis lovers everywhere, enabling users to smoke a bowl discreetly and then eat the evidence! Building upon this time-honored tradition, Flow Kana recently hosted a “Farm to Bong” carving contest at the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Stoner MacGyvers could step right up and choose from crates of locally grown fruits and veggies to create their own unique smoking device, with three winning finalists chosen each day.

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This year marked the first time Outside Lands welcomed cannabis companies to exhibit in their “Grasslands” section, a step forward in normalizing legal weed and educating the general public about issues surrounding its use. Flow Kana’s “Farm to Bong” contest highlighted the connection between local food and sustainable, small-batch cannabis production, with all of the fruits and veggies used for bong creation coming direct from Briceland Forest Farm, which also produces top-shelf sungrown cannabis flowers.

We had been looking for ways to highlight that our ecosystem of farmers grow more than cannabis on their farms, so this was really fun and perfect.

Cate Powers, Flow Kana head of communications

“We had been looking for ways to highlight that our ecosystem of farmers grow more than cannabis on their farms, so this was really fun and perfect,” says Cate Powers, Head of Communications for Flow Kana, “We want to help consumers understand that they have a choice on where their cannabis comes from while raising awareness about the sungrown cultivation practices in the Emerald Triangle.”

After carving a veggie bong, contestants stored their entries in a refrigerated case, with three finalists chosen daily. Bongs were judged on best overall creative concept, flavor palette, tonality, color, and most importantly, functionality. Each group of finalists gathered on the Gastromagic stage each day to be judged by a panel of musicians, artists, and industry leaders, with the first place winner receiving, among other things, a beautiful Summerland ceramic bong.

Check out the winning “Farm to Bong” masterpieces, and start honing your veggie carving skills before the next competition!

Courtesy of Flow KanaSaturday’s First Place winner, entitled ”Bunny Bong” by Thomas and Nick (Courtesy of Flow Kana).

Friday’s First Place Winner, dubbed “Burple The Bong” by Samantha Jensen.

Courtesy of Flow KanaSunday’s First Place Winner, “Carrot Carb” by Isaac Justice (Courtesy of Flow Kana)


Courtesy of Flow KanaSaturday’s Third Place winner, ”Slaughter Mellon” by Felix Cordoua (Courtesy of Flow Kana).

Anthony Salguero carving his Third Place winner "Tiki Bong.”Anthony Salguero carving his Third Place winner “Tiki Bong” (Courtesy of Flow Kana).