You don’t have to visit a cannabis dispensary to take advantage of great deals happening this 4/20! Check out these holiday flash sales on cannabis accessories, including dabbing accessories, apparel, ash catchers, and more.


The Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 4/20: Cannabis Deals of 2018

Mini Dab Rig with Barrel Perc

(Courtesy of Head Shop Headquarters)

20% off any item with discount code: HQ20

Head Shop Headquarters is holding a massive site-wide 4/20 sale this week, featuring 20% off on their entire inventory of products. Check out a variety of smoking pieces and accessories including this mini barrel percolated dab rig from BoroDirect.  Standing at 8” tall, this tabletop  piece comes equipped with a 90 degree angled arm, a 14mm male joint, and a flared mouthpiece. The unique barrel-shaped percolator on this unit allows for optimal water filtration while using concentrates, giving you a cool and smooth experience with each pull. With this purchase, you also receive a fitted glass nail and dome combo, making this a complete and ready-to-use setup.

Quartz Titanium Hybrid Nail

(Courtesy of King’s Pipe)

15% off any item with discount code: KP420

Versatility is a true virtue when it comes to dab rig nails. Whether it be joint size and dimension or material build, there are certain combinations that suit certain rigs and occasions better. This hybrid domeless nail listed at King’s Pipe comes with a colored anodized universal body that allows for six variable size combinations to fit any rig. This gives you not only the ability to adjust the nail for both male and female inserts, but also allows for fitting to 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joint sizes. Each nail comes with a detachable quartz dish insert, allowing you to customize and remove dishes for cleaning and replacement.


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Men’s Reefer Madness Tee

(Courtesy of Stoner Days)

20% off any item with discount code: 420 

4/20 sales are not smoking accessory exclusive! Stoner Days is giving you 20% off on their wide variety of cannabis-themed apparel. Stop by and snag this “Reefer Madness” black men’s tee, made with 100% spectra spun cotton. With a double-needled hem on the shirt bottom and sleeves as well as shoulder-to-shoulder tape, the fit on these preshrunk tees will blow your mind. Looking for a different fit and design? No worries, their whole site is on sale through the 20th, featuring tees for men and women as well as a host of other apparel and accessories for the 4/20 community.

Titanium Carb Cap/Dabber Tool Combo

(Courtesy of Thick Ass Glass)

 25% off all inventory

Are you thinking about cashing in on a new nail for the holiday? If so, you may want to pick up a brand new titanium carb cap & dabber tool combo from Standing at just 3” tall, this versatile dabbing tool comes with an easy to remove ball-point tip. This tip is great for breaking shatter as well as for gathering less viscous concentrate varieties for vaporization. With the removable tip, you can either add this to your home setup or pack it away for portability. There’s no discount code necessary for this purchase or any purchases made on the site.


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ROIL Series GEN 3 Vaporizer Kit

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

15% off any item with discount code: STOCKUP

Smoke Cartel wants you to stock up on some of their killer 4/20 deals as they kick off the season with 15% off their entire line of products. Standing out in their elaborate inventory is this ROIL series GEN3 Vaporizer Kit, a complete portable setup for an optimal vaping experience. Each kit includes a top-of-the-line ROIL series GEN3 Vaporizer complete with a discreet cap. The GEN3 offers three distinct heat settings, giving you complete heat control over a coil-free ceramic atomizer. This package also includes extra coil-less ceramic floating rings, a multi-compartment silicone holding tray, a stainless steel dabber tool, as well as a USB charger included within the kit. With this all-inclusive portable vaporizer package, you will have everything you need to get the job done on the go.

“WaxTip” Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip

(Courtesy of Toker Supply)

 20% off any item with discount code: 420

If you are looking for a portable and affordable Nectar Collector, there is no better time to buy than over this next week as Toker Supply has just slashed 20% off MSRP on their entire inventory. This WaxTip Nectar Collector with a Titanium Tip is the ideal collector for those new to this style of rig. Fully assembled, it stands 13” tall and features a detachable water diffuser with a glass concentrate loading dish. Collectors such as this are perfect for softer concentrates that are hard to load with dabbing tools. The heated tip offers instant vaporization directly from the dish. You can choose between either 14mm or 18mm joint sizes, and each kit includes a storage box for discreet transportation. With 20% your purchase, this is a deal you will not want to miss!


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Torch Art (Multiple Designs)

(Courtesy of Errlybird)

20% off any item with discount code: BACK2018

Spruce up your flame game with a custom wrapped ErrlyBird “TorchArt” rig. Featuring themes from a variety of pop culture favorites, these custom wrapped torches will surely add some flare to your dab station setup. Each high performance butane torch comes with a “Quik Fire” ignition system as well as an adjustable flame setting for optimal control and performance. Even more, you get a no-proof lifetime warranty with your order. This means you are not only supporting an artist but getting a torch for life. If that deal wasn’t good enough, you also get 20% off when you order this week.

PURR Glass Inline Pocket Bubbler Stand

(Courtesy of Purr)

For the ultimate 4/20 splurge, is offering clearance on a custom PURR glass 10mm pocket inline bubbler rig (flower/concentrate interchangeable) complete with a matching stand and accessory kit. Along with the rig, you get a custom brass and porcelain inlaid surface stand made by Acme Apothecary in Colorado. Also included with this kit is a 10mm round bowl, a 14mm nail and matching domeless snorkel, and four various sized glass concentrate storage jars. This kit is on clearance, so be sure to stop by and scoop one quick! 


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Ronin Glass “Gunbai” Ash Catcher

(Courtesy of Ronin)

15% off any item with discount code: 420holiday

Keep your tabletop flower rig clean throughout the 4/20 festivities with a hot new Ronin ash catcher featured on Dank Stop. The “Gunbai” honeycomb to shower head ash catcher functions both as a stopper for ash and debris as well as a double percolator for added water filtration. When ordering, choose between a variety of joint angles and sizes to fit perfectly with your tabletop rig. You also get the option to choose your own color profile, allowing you to maintain a cohesive look throughout your entire setup. All ash catchers are male jointed and complete with thick glass for user protection.