Just ten years ago, cannabis harvests came down in utter secrecy. Nowadays, the best growers market their finished crop—like a 24/7, global, online Fashion Week.

This month, millions of cannabis plants stand camera-ready in the fields for a final close-up. Social media offers the global forum to experience the joy of the annual cannabis harvest. Scroll through the more than 27,000 photos tagged #croptober on Instagram. You’ll see backyard harvests, mega-harvests, biodynamic harvests, and barely-made-it harvests. Bask in the vicarious joy of a year’s work come to fruition, or share in the defeat as mold, rain, wind and fire dashes farmers’ plans.

If you’re harvesting, or see something cool, make sure to mention @leafly on Instagram. If we ❤ what we see, we’ll feature you as one of the Official Days of #Croptober at Leafly, which you can check out below!

The 31 Days of #Croptober

Below are Leafly’s daily picks for the Croptober harvest, updated weekly.

October 3

The award-winning California tincture producers at Fiddler’s Greens are surviving the transition to the legal market—and smiling their way through it. Congratulations, @fiddlers.greens, you’re Day 3 of Croptober!

October 2

One of California’s largest producers, Honeydew Farms, is having a good harvest. Congratulations, @honeydew_farms of the Lost Coast, CA! You’re Day 2 of Croptober!

October 1

The famous Mr. Nice Seed Bank gets us jealous with this throwback to last year’s harvest, featuring fields of purple, ripe buds. Congratulations @MrNiceSeedBank! You’re Day 1 of Croptober!

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