Ahh yes, strawberry season is upon us, which means this natural treat is popping up in cakes, cocktails, and everything in between. But regardless of the early-summer berry explosion, we toke up with strawberry strains all year round. Luscious and juicy, you can’t go wrong with a touch of sweetness in your next exhale. Check out our favorites and stock up before the season runs out.

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Strawberry Cough

What’s an article dedicated to strawberry flavored strains without the inclusion of Strawberry Cough? Euphoria and balance mix with notes of fresh strawberries and a skunky finish that will leave you uplifted and reaching for another toke.

Why People Love It:

“ … From the first inhalation I can taste the strawberry flavor that reminds me of the strawberry patches that grew at my childhood home. After the first hit the powerful high of haze kicks in and takes away any stress or anxiety I might be experiencing.” — connosieur

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Strawberry Banana

A high-THC strain, Strawberry Banana is the powerhouse of choice when it comes to getting elevated and homing in to your creative juices. Sweetness drips into a thick coat of resin from Strawberry Banana’s Banana Kush and Bubble Gum parents.

Why People Love It:

“… Probably the sweetest and most reminiscent of fruit of any strain I’ve tried (out of dozens). The smell carries through to the taste.” —u420

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Strawberry Kush

Light up Strawberry Kush in the evening and expect to drift off to a relaxing sleep. You may find yourself dreaming in strawberry fields after taking a hit of this delightful berry strain.

Why People Love It:

“You can literally smell strawberry, that is what made me purchase this strain. Once I fired up my vape pen and inhaled, I tasted nothing but sweet goodness. The high itself is rather dope. You feel the relaxation but at the same time you’re still functional. However, with a few more pulls I know for sure I’ll be knocked out.” —MitchellandFinese

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Pink Champagne

A blend of berry flavors ride on the back of the heady and sugary Pink Champagne. With every inhale, your eyes will feel heavy as you sink into a buzzy state of mind. Insomnia sufferers rejoice when lighting up this potent number.

Why People Love It:

“I absolutely cannot get over the smell. it might be hard to believe but the taste is even better, very sweet. Excellent for pain, I’ve got a rotator cuff injury (shoulder) and this strain made me forget all about it … “ —orthanc1940

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Chock full of stress-relieving goodness, Strawberry brings a blast of delicious berry flavor with warm and comforting effects. It’s the perfect choice to celebrate strawberry season (even more so when paired with a big slice of infused strawberry shortcake).

Why People Love It:

“The first thing about this strain that really grabbed me was the smell. A very strawberry-berry smell with an undertone of tea makes for a very enjoyable scent. Strawberry has a lot of what I like in a sativa, a great uplifting cerebral buzz coupled with a nice relaxation that keeps anxiety at bay. This is a great strain for depression, anxiety, and stress.” —BakedBuffalo

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Strawberry Cheesecake

Who can possibly pass up a delectable slice of strawberry cheesecake? Pair that rich dessert with a spot of Strawberry Cheesecake and you’ll have a match made in strawberry heaven. Notes of cream and berry fold into a thoughtful high and luscious aftertaste.

Why People Love It:

“Never tasted a strain so good. Truly smells and tastes like a fine desert. The high is everything they say. The taste though.” —HAZAK

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Dairy Queen

Some say cherry, some say strawberry, all say delectable. Dairy Queen’s velvety flavors enhance an uplifted and happy effect that is excellent for daytime use. Grab a bowl of your favorite ice cream—extra sprinkles, of course—before sparking up.

Why People Love It:

“Beautiful light green florets with a frosting of trichomes that looks just as delicious as any DQ Blizzard! Being named after America’s favorite 1940’s frozen treat stand, this cheesey sweet strain has a unique aroma that brings to mind a creamy cherry gelato with a little extra funk. The sweet flavor mix up continues on the palate where it has an interesting balance between a vanilla sweetness and an earthy cheese taste …” —themermaid805

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