Ya boy moved to Seattle last month, and it’s been absolute Strain-o-Mania ever since. I’m smoking anything and everything that I couldn’t access back home in Oklahoma or Texas. For that reason, I’ll be sharing which strains first-time visitors of Washington should try upon arrival. Here are my five top suggestions.

Purple Punch

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Purple Punch by House of Cultivar has some of the most aesthetically pleasing buds I’ve ever seen. They’re a little green, a lot of purple, and covered in trichomes, making each bud look like an icy garden gnome. The high is incredibly heavy-hitting, so for those looking for something that’ll knock them right in the face, Purple Punch is just for you.

Pink Panther

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Pink Panther from Dàmà is perfect for a morning wake-and-bake session. It gives you a lightly bouncy high that kind of feels like you’re floating. If you’re visiting Washington and want a strain that’ll pair well with your many morning coffees, toss a little Pink Panther into your system.


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I’ve smoked at least 20 different strains since moving to Washington, and among these, Chocolope by Gabriel is my favorite. Chocolope starts in your head, but eventually wraps your whole body in a cocoon of euphoria like a warm embrace from your grandmother on a summer day. If you’re looking for that happy-go-lucky mind, body, and soul type of high that makes having a bad day nearly impossible, this is the one.

Allen Wrench

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For my people who love the buzzy, active head highs, Allen Wrench from Artizen is a great strain for you. It’s so potent that the first hit will stay with you for hours. I smoked this and ran a whole day of errands without smoking again, so if you need a strain that’ll hype you up for an afternoon of Washington exploration, let that Allen Wrench bless your lungs.


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Grape Ape

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Grape Ape by Artizen will have you feeling super-duper slumped, so if you smoke this, go ahead and kiss your evening plans goodbye. Grape Ape smells and tastes exactly how you’d expect a grape-something to smell and taste, which is very refreshing. If you’re visiting Washington and want a strain that you’ll never forget, find that Grape Ape near you.