Long ingrained in cannabis culture, the West Coast has some of the best and most lucrative cannabis deals for Black Friday. Load your pipe with dreamy strains at extra affordable prices.

Living on the West Coast? Find cannabis near you. 

Below, check out incredible deals from California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.


Black Friday dispensary deals in California(Richard Drew/AP)

MedMen — All California Locations

Address: Visit dispensary pages for location


  • 40% off Early Bird Special: from 8a.m.—10a.m., 40% off all product purchased in-store or placed online.
  • 25% off Late Risers: From 10a.m.—10p.m., 25% off all items purchased in-store or placed online.

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View MedMen — Venice Beach (Abbot Kinney Blvd) Menu

View MedMen — Venice Beach (Lincoln Blvd) Menu

Address: 471 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA


  • $20 eighths (restrictions apply)
  • $50 Grass Hoppers (12 mini joints)

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Top 10 Cannabis Strains in California


Address: 4503 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV


  • 40% off the entire store from 12a.m.—10a.m.
  • 25% off the entire store for the rest of the day.
  • 50% off select items up to (restrictions apply)

Note: gift cards are not eligible for a discount.

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Moving to Nevada for Legal Cannabis


Address: 16440 SE Division St, Portland, OR (Division St.) and 8135 SE Woodward St, Portland, OR (Woodward St.)


  • Early Bird Special: All weed 20% off 9:00a.m—12:00p.m. daily
  • $2 for 0.5g joints (limit 4 Joints per customer)
  • $3 1g joints for $3 (limit 4 Joints per customer)
  • 30% off Edibles

Note: Discounts cannot be combined

View Budlandia — Division St. Menu

View Budlandia — Woodward St. Menu

Black Friday dispensary deals in Oregon(Courtesy of Cannabliss)

Address: 588 E 11th Ave, Eugene, OR (Sorority House), 2231 W. Burnside Street, Portland, OR (Burnside), 2600 Main St Suite E, Springfield, OR (Springfield), 8701 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR (BLVD), 1917 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR (Firestation 23)


  • 10% off all extracts when you buy 2 or more
  • Purchase your “Daily Limit” of 5 Grams and receive a 20% discount for all 5 grams
  • 20% off topicals with purchase of 2 or more
  • $75—$99 mix and match ounces (restrictions apply)

Note: Flower deals are Burnside location only.

View Cannabliss & Co. — Sorority House Menu

View Cannabliss & Co. — Burnside Menu

View Cannabliss & Co. — Springfield Menu

View Cannabliss & Co. — BLVD Menu

View Cannabliss & Co. — Firestation 23 Menu

Address: 550 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside, OR (Seaside), 56789 Lunar Dr, Bend, OR (Sunriver)


  • $4.80 grams & $48 half ounces
  • $6 premium grams & $99 premium ounces
  • $2 off all pre-rolls
  • 15% off edibles, cartridges, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals
  • 25% off apparel, glass, batteries, and accessories

Note: Gresham, Oregon City, and Beaverton locations running $50 ounces on shake.

View Cannabis Nation — Seaside Menu

View Cannabis Nation — Sunriver Menu

Address: 4085 Cherry Ave, Keizer, OR


  • 25% off all regularly priced merchandise (excluding deals below)
  • $8 1g pre-rolls by Uplifted Farm or 5 for $28.00 mix and match
  • $8 0.5g grams of CBDiscovery BHO
  • $8 0.5g of Afgooey Terp Sugar by Buddies
  • $15 1g OG Kush Sugar Wax by Buddies

View The Grass Hut II’s Menu

Address: 2751 Friendly St., Eugene, OR 


  • $16—$20 on Grön Chocolates
  • $4—$70 on Luminous Botanicals Universal Tonics
  • 20% off all smoking accessories
  • 25% off all HUF products 

View Moss Crossing’s Menu


Oregon Cannabis Dispensaries That Let You Order Ahead


Black Friday dispensary deals in Washington(Courtesy of Walla Walla Cannabis Company)

Address: 927 West Main Street, Walla Walla, WA


  • 15% off regular priced joints (restrictions apply)

View Walla Walla Cannabis Company’s Menu

Address: 322 E Francis Ave, Spokane, WA 


  • 30% off entire store
  • $5 on grams of oil
  • $1.50 pre-rolls
  • $7 eighths
  • $40 ounces

Note: Deals last 8a.m.—12p.m. on Black Friday

View The Green Nugget’s Menu

Black Friday dispensary deals in Washington: Green Lady(Courtesy of Green Lady)

Address: 14221 Lake Road, Lynnwood, WA (Lynnwood), 3044 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia, WA (East Olympia), 2405 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, WA (West Olympia) 



  • $21 for 4.2g by High Supply (restrictions apply)
  • $6 for 1g, $20 for 3.5g, $85 for 14g by Fire Line (restrictions apply)
  • 20% off Aurum Farms
  • $21 & $25 for 3.5g by Heavenly Buds (restrictions apply)
  • $6 for 1g, $100 for 28g by Rochester Farms (restrictions apply)
  • $6 for 1g, $21 for 4.2g by Green Haven (restrictions apply)
  • $3 for 1g, $10 for $35 by Forbidden Farms (restrictions apply)
  • $25 for 3.5g by Raven Glass


  • 20% off Dabstract (restrictions apply)
  • $10-$15 for 1g Wax by Mammoth Labs/Phat Yheti
  • 20% off Refine Concentrates
  • $10 for 1g of kief by Heavenly Buds (restrictions apply)
  • $10 for 1g BHO by Viva Cannabis (restrictions apply)
  • $30 full gram vapes/carts by Green Haven (restrictions apply)
  • $25 for 1g CO2 Wax by Raven Grass


  • $10 for 4pk of joints by Evergrow NW
  • $12 for 3pk of joints (CBD and THC) by Raven Grass
  • $9 for 5pk of joints, $9 for 1g infused joints by Viva Cannabis
  • $7 for infused joint 2pk by G-Sticks
  • $3 for 0.5g joint by Empire
  • $4 for 1g joint by Forbidden Farms


  • $6 for 20mg 2pk & $18 for 100mg 10pk by Honu
  • $10 for 100mg 10pk Sinners and Saints Hard Candy by Evergreen Herbal

Note: Deals last from 11/23—11/25.

View Green Lady Marijuana — Lynnwood Menu

View Green Lady Marijuana — East Olympia Menu

View Green Lady Marijuana — West Olympia Menu

Address: 1107 N. Callow Ave., Bremerton, WA


  • 30% off Leafly Pickup orders

View The Reef’s Menu

Address: 5384 Road K NW, Quincy, WA


  • Discounts on flower, edibles, and concentrates
  • Budtender mix and match Holiday Baskets available

View GoodBuds’ Menu

Black Friday dispensary deals in Washington: Herb(n) Elements(Courtesy of Herban Elements)

Address: 11013 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA


  • $34 for 7g flower by Bondi
  • $42 for 7g flower by Virginia Co.FLOWER: Virginia Co. $42 – 7g
  • $149 for 28g top shelf flower
  • $4 2-pack joints from Bondi (restrictions apply)
  • $6 & $7 from Freedom Infused
  • $27 1g concentrate from Oleum and Virginia Co.
  • $14 for 0.5g cartridge by Double Delicious
  • BLACK FRIDAY DOOR BUSTER: $5 for Fire 5-pack (limit 1 per customer, first 100 people)

Note: Deals occur 11/21, 11/23, and 11/26.

View Herbn Elements’ Menu

Address: 409 Rainier Ave North, Renton, WA (North Renton), 4242 East Valley Road, Renton, WA (South Renton), 402 16th St NE, Auburn, WA (Auburn)


  • $28 for harmony Cartridges
  • $35 Air Pro Cartridges
  • $10 for 3.5g flower from Emerald Fields
  • $6 for 2g Kouchlock pre-rolls
  • $15 for Pebbles edibles (100mg)
  • $16 for 2g of Phat Panda Bong Buddies

Note: Additional deals vary by location. Deals last 11/21—11/25

View The Evergreen Market — North Renton

View The Evergreen Market — South Renton

View The Evergreen Market — Auburn

Address: 927 West 2nd, Spokane, WA (Downtown Spokane), 6010 N Division, Spokane, WA (North Division), 1421 N Mullan Road, Spokane Valley, WA (Spokane Valley)


  • 20% off (almost) the entire store and 25% off (almost) all accessories.

Note: Sale excludes already marked down items. 

View Cinder — Downtown Spokane Menu

View Cinder — North Division Menu

View Cinder — Spokane Valley

Address: 6309 Evergreen Way STE C, Everett, WA 


  • 50% off select Oleum products
  • 40% off select Fairwinds products
  • $12 select eighths from Mount St. Helens
  • $90 select ounces from Sweet Water Farms
  • $10 Kibble Junction wax
  • 40% off 1g C-cell Cartridges from Harmony Farms
  • 40% off The Soil Concentrates

Note: Restrictions apply.

View KushMart Everett’s Menu

(Courtesy of Gold Bar Marijuana)

Address: 17002 415th Ave. SE, Gold Bar, WA 


  • 40% off everything in store 

View Gold Bar Marijuana’s Menu

Address: 14608 Highway 99, Lynnwood, WA 


  • 40% off everything in store 

View Puget Sound Marijuana’s Menu

Address: 19315 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA (Bothell), 655 W Poplar St, Walla Walla, WA (Walla Walla), 16053 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA (Shoreline), 5209 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, Seattle, WA (Seattle)


  • 30—40% off everything in store (location specific) 

View A Greener Today — Bothell Menu

View A Greener Today — Walla Walla Menu

View A Greener Today — Shoreline Menu

View A Greener Today — Seattle Menu

Address: 12059 Aurora Ave North, Seattle, WA


  • $40 select ounces
  • $85 ounces from mount Baker Gardens
  • $33 Phat Panda eighths
  • $10 select Magic Kitchen Pebbles (100mg)
  • $5 Kelso Kreeper keif
  • $30 vape cartridges (restrictions apply)
  • $40 Royal Tree eighths
  • $24 THC spray tinctures
  • $5 select 4-pack joints 

View Seattle Tonics’ Menu

Address: 5300 17th Ave NW, Seattle, WA (Ballard), 321 NE 45th ST, Seattle, WA (Stone Way)



  • $90 0.5-ounce Royal Tree
  • $40 quarters and $25 eighths from Virginia Co
  • $9 eighths from Big Worm
  • $9—$15 edibles from Craft Elixir and Phat Panda
  • 30% off Mantis oil
  • $25 cartridges from Buddies

Stone Way 

  • $90 0.5-ounce from Royal Tree
  • $25 eighths from Virginia Co
  • $9 eighths from Big Worm
  • $25 cartridges from Buddies

View American Mary — Ballard Menu

View American Mary — Stone Way Menu