A layer of protection from winter frost or added warmth on a cool summer night, hoodies are a year-round staple offering coziness, simplicity, and comfort in one hygge-inspiring garment. And with cannabis culture reaching new heights with unique fashion lines entering the space, you can easily find a look that appeals to your exact style while showcasing your love for the green.


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Below, check out the cannabis-themed hoodies that caught our eye and bulk up your ultra-comfy gear with a few infused pieces.

Smokeable Hoodie by Hood Hokerz

(Courtesy of Hood Hokerz)

Talk about wearable innovation; the Smokeable Hoodie by Hood Hokerz allows you to toke up right from the drawstrings. Lined with flame-resistant material and silicone tubing, simply load up the glass mouthpiece at one end of the drawstring and inhale at the other for both mellow elevation and extra-toasty warmth.

Price: $124.20

Pineapple Hoodie by Electro Threads

(Courtesy of Electro Threads)

What’s not to love about a delicious fruit tied to the ganja community? Pineapples act as a subtle homage to cannabis culture, mostly due to myriad strains containing pineapple scents and flavors. We love that it’s on display in this Pineapple Hoodie by Electro Threads, so you can discreetly wear your heart on your sleeve.

Price: $87.95


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Push Trees Logo Hoodie by Push Trees X Kush Friendly

(Courtesy of Push Trees X Kush Friendly)

This Push Trees Hoodie design from Push Trees and Kush Friendly showcases a logo depicting “pushing trees” (AKA selling weed for those not in the know) in the literal sense. The image comes from the minds of Push Trees’ owners Dope as Yola and Stoner Dottie, who came up with print after posting the image on Instagram and receiving a wave of inquiries as to when it’d be available to the public.

Price: $35 

Eye Burst – Sweet Leaf Navy Hoodie by Jacquie Aiche

(Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche)

Simple and artistic, subtle and creative, this Eye Burst – Sweet Leaf Hoodie by Jacquie Aiche has it all. The design is understated with just a touch of richness, making it the perfect go-to for a relaxed night among friends.

Price: $190


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If you love Leafly as much as we love Leafly (it’s our favorite), then check out our very own Leafly Pullover Hoodie. Paired down in grey and black with a soft, relaxed fit, it’s the perfect match for a loaded bowl and a slow night in.

Price: $48

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Mister Green Peace Hoodie by Tokyo Smoke

(Courtesy of Tokyo Smoke)

Tokyo Smoke is a cannabis lifestyle brand leading the way in fine cannabis goods. The Mister Green Peace Hoodie, with its deep maroon fabric and subtle logo, represents their vision of a laid-back yet refined canna-connoisseur.

Price: $125


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Turmeric Hoodie by Herbal CannaWear

(Courtesy of Herbal CannaWear)

Herbal CannaWear chooses to celebrate all types of medicinal herbs with their Turmeric Hoodie. Complete with cannabis logo, this warm hoodie pays homage to the vast array of medicine that can be found right in our backyards, gardens, fields, and wild land.

Price: $35

Orange Crewneck Pullover by Stay Ripped

(Courtesy of Stay Ripped)

The cannabis lifting community will love this Orange Crewneck Pullover by Stay Ripped. Not quite a hoodie, but still just as comfortable, Stay Ripped’s pullover bolsters both fitness and cannabis so you can get “ripped” in every sense of the word.

Price: $24.99


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Woolrich Hemp/Cotton Blend Hoodie by Lost Season Supply Co.

(Courtesy of Lost Season Supply Co.)

Made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, the Woolrich Blended Hoodie by Lost Season Supply Co. offers a pared down design that is both environmentally sound and ultra-cozy—it even contains antimicrobial properties as an extra boost.

Price: $89

The Slothstronaut Hoodie by SacredGeometrix

(Courtesy of SacredGeometrix)

Not exactly cannabis-forward in the literal sense of the term, but regular sloths, stoner sloths, and astronauts have made a name for themselves in the cannabis community, so stumbling upon SacredGeometrix’s hybrid of both in their Slothstronaut Hoodie is an on-point find.

Price: $55


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Aztec Sweater by Satori

(Courtesy of Satori)

Add a bit of hemp to your collection of Mr. Rogers-inspired sweaters with this organic cotton and hemp blend Aztec Sweater by Satori. The thick material makes it the best option to warm up in cold temperatures while smoking outdoors. 

Price: $82.95